IT Project & Priority list : Earned Value Analysis

Task Planned Value Earned Value Actual Cost Cost Variance Schedule Variance Estimate at Completion Budgeted at Completion Variance at Completion CPI SPI CV % SV % TCPI
1) IT Day to Day operations
1.1) Bank / Syspro inventory integration
1.2) Data load (Scotts list)
1.3) SalesHabit Workflow Plugin app management
1.4) Experlogix 4.0 BOM update
1.5) Cleanup of Dealer Leads that have been sent to the BANC
1.6) SalesHabit data cleanup and dealing with duplicates
1.7) Workflow, Plugin situation too many things firing
1.8) Identifying a proper way to mark dealers as unique owners of campaigns
1.9) French language AE landing page
1.10) Tethys usage report feature for Stephen Reed
1.11) Update all MSDS information for Stephen Reed
1.12) Update French stores for Nanette Callens OK Implement BANC prospects "read receipts" feature for Natalie
1.13) Set up redirects for expired quatro campaign links
1.14) Move all source repositories to BitBucket and set up a proper development / deployment workflow for the dealer applications
1.15) JIRA for IT projects
1.16) New phone system rollout
1.17) Syspro EDI service error
1.18) Website server consolidation (GT.Net, RackSpace, Digital Ocean)
2) SalesHabit Project
2.1) Backend - Foundation setup
2.1.1) Finish installation of the portal platform on DEV & Prod
2.2) Design interface
2.2.1) Wireframe Initial User Experience
2.3) Security
2.3.1) Creating a security structure for dealers
3) Experlogix upgrade
4) Case Management Implementation
5) Upgrading to the latest version of CRM to fix existing bugs and give new capabilities to the marketing tea
6) Online backup automation DRP
7) Active directory update for all offices
8) Syspro version 8 test upgrade evaluation
9) Syspro invoice update and standardization
10) Syspro Trade Promotion Module & training

Exported 2018-05-04